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Request for Translation and Non-Commercial Use

Please select surveyes that you would like permissions for translation and complete the request form along with the uploaded declaration page with your signature. An email will be sent to you after your request is verified and approved. 

Copyrighted material is available free of charge to those individuals who have a full-time academic appointment at an academic or other non-profit research institution for non-commercial purposes. You may use and make copies of the copyrighted material for your research. You may not use the copyrighted material for commercial purposes without the written consent from the provider. Commercial purposes include sale, lease, license, or other transfer of the copyrighted material to a for-profit organization. Commercial purposes shall also include uses of the copyrighted material or modifications by any organization, to perform contract research, to produce or manufacture products for general sale, or to conduct research activities that result in any sale, lease, license, or transfer of the copyrighted material or modifications to a for-profit organization. If you are interested in using the survey for commercial purposes, please submit commercial user enquiry form. 

Product Selection

Lymphedema Symptom Intensity and Distress Survey:

  • Arm v2.0
  • Lower Limb v1.0
  • Head & Neck v2.0
  • Truncal v1.0

Please provide the initial licensee information requested in this form, and a representative will contact you to review licensing options for your organization.

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Permission Request and Declaration for non commercial translation

Please download the following questionnaire - complete, sign and upload before submitting your request.

Please upload the signed Permission Request and Declaration for non commercial translation form before submitting.